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Course Details

TitleINTRAMIF Summer School "Science and Society" - Paris, France
Listing InstitutionScientific Committee on Oceanic Research (SCOR)
Last Date to apply2011-06-09
Course DurationFrom: 2011-08-22  To: 2011-08-26
DescriptionThe summer school is scheduled for 5 days in total, planned and structured as followed: Introduction: The first day should give a short overview about all aspects which will be part of the summer school. Students will get the basics for the following days. Each day will cover and deepen one aspect. Science: Aim of the scientific part is to show how climate is reconstructed, the methods and techniques of reconstruction and prediction. It should also be shown how trustable and accepted different approaches are. Society: In this part students will learn more about the vulnerability of social and political systems, how they react and deal with climate change/extreme weather events. What will happen if resources are limited? How could water limitation in Afrika affect our life in Europe? Economics: The economic part will deal with the costs and benefits of climate change, including risk assessment and economic dimensions, e.g. tradeable emission permits. What instruments are available, which strategies are implemented? How is our life affected by the globalization (e.g what will happen to the European industry if Australia is flooded? or Where is the relation between food production and climate?) Technologies: The last day will give an introduction about technologies and future energy sources.
Instruction LanguageEnglish
Minimum Educational Requirement(students)The following criteria will be considered: a) Level and suitability of qualifications b) Relevance of study and interests to INTRAMIF themes c) Quality of personal statement d) Academic references. Preference will be given to applicants pursuing a PhD degree, but Masters students and young postdocs may also be considered.
Application Documents RequirmentSee http://www.phys.uu.nl/~intramif/application_INTRAMIF_SS.doc - Use Internet Explorer
Sponsors' AvailabilityINTRAMIF will cover your registration costs, including accommodation and board, and part of the travel expenses up to 400€.
Contact Informations.walter@uu.nl
Related Websiteshttp://www.phys.uu.nl/~intramif/INTRAMIFsummerschool2011.php
Keywordsclimate, society, economics, technology

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